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Private 1:1 Coaching

Personalised Online Coaching

The personalised coaching program is designed to help students with organising their studying space, managing their time, preparing for assessments. By reverse engineering their goals to establish daily, weekly and monthly habits, students feel more confident and capable of achieving great results.

How do you know coaching is right for you?2021-09-04T06:33:29+00:00

True Coaching is a solution for students who want to find more effective ways to study, maximise results and minimise stress. The program is best suited to students who are committed and ready to make a change and be supported on their journey to achieving their academic goals.

What is involved in the coaching program?2021-09-04T06:33:07+00:00

The private coaching program is made up of three main services which includes weekly accountability calls, monthly group workshops and unlimited subject specific support.

Our intention is to support you on your academic journey from every angle and we are committed to making sure your schooling is as smooth and stress fee as possible.

What makes coaching different to tutoring?2021-09-04T06:34:08+00:00

Tutoring is traditionally subject specific and focuses on subject based skills such as chemistry equations, algebra or history. Often students can become dependent on their tutor to achieve desired results. In some cases, this can result in trouble for the students in test and exam conditions without the support of their tutor.

Coaching is focused on developing skills required across all subjects such as organisation of information, time management, structuring responses and stress management. This holistic approach to study promotes independence and helps students develop skills that can help in all subjects in school and beyond.

Through coaching we hope to encourage independent learners and promote continuous improvement by showing students ways they can achieve their academic, personal and future professional goals.

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True Coaching
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Daniella AbdulsamadDaniella Abdulsamad
06:24 24 Dec 21
I genuinely don’t believe I would have succeeded through year 12 without the guidance and support that True Coaching provided.
02:49 11 Dec 21
good help with vce
Maria MahonyMaria Mahony
23:50 22 Nov 21
Dianna was a fantastic support and guide for our Y12. Regular check-ins helped to maintain momentum and focus. She provided a variety of strategies and tools to improve planning and organisation for SACs and exams. Her flexibility was also helpful in managing day to day changes and pressures. Absolutely recommended!
Kim JohnstoneKim Johnstone
00:40 18 Nov 21
Dianna and her team were amazing. Would highly recommend them. They provided highly effective tools to help with year 12. Thank you
Chris BlackburnChris Blackburn
08:56 06 May 21
Dianna is just amazing to work with. If you are looking for personal and actual practical help with all areas around education help then Dianna and True Coaching is what you need.Thank you so much for your amazing help and continued support!

“Dianna is the most dedicated, caring and hardworking coach, I could not have done VCE without her help!! She specifically coached my through year 12 biology and made the most difficult concepts easy to understand. I could not recommend highly enough!!”

Beth Ted, Student

What is covered when
working with True Coaching?

Organisation & Productivity - True Coaching Private 1:1 Coaching

Organisation & Productivity

Setting up effective schedules, productive workspaces, and prioritisation of tasks.

Information Processing - True Coaching Private 1:1 Coaching

Information Processing

Taking active summary notes, practicing recall, and improving understanding.

Test & Exam Preparations - True Coaching Private 1:1 Coaching

Test & Exam Preparation

Test preparation checklists and exam
roadmaps to ensure readiness.

Exam Performance - True Coaching Private 1:1 Coaching

Exam Performance

Time and resource management before, during, and after exams.

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