After being at school Monday through to Friday every week, the last thing you want is to have homework to complete on the weekend. Saturday and Sunday are for family, friends, sports, movies and anything else BUT homework. So why is it that so many students leave their homework to be completed on the weekend and waste hours of their precious time on these tasks?

A lack of a clear schedule and action plan for your week means that you may end up cramming in a whole lot of homework to do on Sunday night. But in reality…


By homework we’re referring to specific tasks that teachers give you that are due by the “next lesson” or by a specific date. Follow this one simple rule and you will never have to do homework on the weekend again!…


Seems obvious right? but think about it… no more doing your homework the night before or the morning of the due date.


If you do your homework throughout the day when not in classes, such as lunch or straight after school, the content is fresh in your mind and will be quick and easy to complete. You could be finished all of your homework before dinner, every day!

If you follow this one simple rule, when you get to the week before a test or the month before exams, you have free time every night after dinner to use for test preparation. This means you won’t ever have to stress out deciding whether to prioritise homework or preparation. Small changes to your homework schedule means you never have to do homework on the weekend again. This will help maximise marks and minimise stress!

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